Tweet Tweet – Time to Move in !

Repaired Birdhouse-Park 4-2014The bird house is totally repaired, stained, and put back up on its post in the Park.  We went over an hour after the house was anchored and a little bird peeked out at us.  She flew out and stayed on a branch close by while we quickly primed the platform that the house sits on.  We went back the next day to paint the final coat and out she came again.  This time she wasn’t happy.  She tweeted at us impatiently until we finally finished.  She must have been saying, “Enough is Enough”!  No doubt she’s busy decorating and getting ready for her important task.  Thanks to Mike Beaudry from Michael Beaudry Remodeling, she didn’t have to wait long because Mike did this job very quickly even though spring is one of his busiest times.  If you see Mike, please be sure to thank him for donating his time and materials to do this project for us.  Sturbridge Rotary and the birds thank Mike for his community service commitment.  If you are in the area, stop by the Park and take a look, sit on the benches, relax and enjoy the view.