Tweet Tweet Hammer and Nails…and a whole lot more!

The birdhouse is back from being repaired.  In less than a week Mike Beaudry of Michael Beaudry Remodeling put on a new wide base and a beveled deck so the rain water will run off.  Now that they have a nice deck, I hope the birds don’t ask for deck chairs next.  He also put on a new roof with a hinged clean out and new chimney’s.  He did a fabulous job.  And Mike has done all this at no cost to Rotary as part of his community service commitment.  Next time you see Mike, please be sure to thank him.  The bird house was a gift to Rotary when Rotary Park was built in 2007.  It has a very colonial look which fits very well with the split rail fencing around the park.  It reminds us of our neighbors at Old Sturbridge Village.  We are currently busy staining the house and hope to have it ready to put back up later this week.  The birds are patiently waiting to move in.  Check back periodically for updates!