The Rotary Foundation – How it Works

PDG and PP Klaus Hachfeld gave the Club a very enlightening look into how the Rotary Foundation works.  The Rotary International Foundation has a program of matching grants that are available to Clubs working on special projects.  Klaus outlined some of our global projects with help from other District Clubs, plus donations and support from our Sister Club in Stourbridge, England.  Sturbridge is a small Club but part of a large organization.  We this help, Sturbridge has been able to supply a hospital with maternity beds and help a school in Uganda; dig deep wells in Africa; provide a full optometry clinic in Peru with a value of $400,000; new surgical tools for hand surgery in Kosovo  with the help of the National Guard flying the equipment and delivering it directly to the Clinic (value of surgical tools $78,000) cost of flight and delivery $000…and so much more.  Our PDG Klaus is an extremely valuable member and a walking Rotary encyclopedia.  And this does not begin to list everything that we do as our local projects.  All of this is another indication of good people doing great things!

Klaus Hachfeld re Foundation 10-6-2014