The Jupiter/Saturn Grand Tack Migration

Dino Tata returned to the Club to continue his fascinating discussions about the origin of the Solar System.  While the Solar System today  is very orderly, 4.5 billion years ago it was chaos, with millions of pieces of dust, gas and water floating around and perhaps 100 planets. They constantly crashed into each other, forming the planets we have today. Jupiter formed near the Sun and was being dragged into it by the debris and gravity. As Jupiter cleared its path, and Saturn came along it was able to head outward and was thereby saved from a fiery death. Passing through the asteroid belt it sent thousands of asteroids to the inner system, creating constant impacts with earth and making it unfit for human development. The debris left behind formed the earth and mars.  Further out they pushed Neptune and Uranus to their present location and the solar system is now stable.

Jupiter’s makeup resembles the sun and many think it was meant to be a sun but did not gather enough material to become one. Jupiter is 1000X larger than earth and earth could fit in it 1,300X. The great red spot is a storm that has been blowing for over 300 years and earth could fit into it twice. Due to its gases leaking out into space Jupiter is getting smaller every year by fractions of an inch. Its day is 9.9 hours long and its year is 11.86 earth years long.

Dino is a NASA Space Exploration Ambassador and gives numerous presentations throughout the greater communities.  It’s always a pleasure to hear from his wealth of knowledge on this subject.

Dino Tata - NASA - 11-20-2017