Sturbridge Fire Chief John Grasso

Rotary had the pleasure of hosting Sturbridge Fire Chief John Grasso.  John has been Chief in Sturbridge just over a year.  John’s presentation mentioned that the number of fires in Sturbridge is down which is mainly attributed to fire safety education.  However, the number of EMS services is growing.  Club members were then given an overview of the Opioid Crisis which is a hot topic everywhere and the crisis continues to escalate.  Firemen as well as policemen are equipped with Narcan kits, which is an intranasal spray used to reverse the effect of an opioid overdose.  The Narcan works in 2-3 minutes but the cost of the kits is skyrocketing.  While it’s wonderful to have the Narcan, it doesn’t necessarily prevent the individual from overdosing again.  The crisis needs to be addressed with prevention through education and stopping the sale of the drug distribution.  It may sound easy when it’s said, but both aspects of prevention are very lengthy and costly.  Sturbridge is fortunate at this time to have had very few episodes of an opioid overdose and those we have had were not residents of our community.

On the lighter side, members heard stories about the antics of Halligan, the department’s new 11-month old Dalmatian puppy.  Our thanks to Chief Grasso and all the firefighters in the department who work hard to keep us safe.

Fire Chief John Grasso1 - 3-12-2018

Fire Chief John Grasso2 - 3-12-2018