Stourbridge-Sturbridge Rotary Friendship Day

Each year in October we celebrate Stourbridge-Sturbridge Rotary Friendship Day.  We became ‘twinned’ with the Stourbridge, England Rotary Club over two decades ago and the bond of friendship between both Clubs continues today.  Klaus gave a presentation to the newer Club members on the history of our Sister Club including showing them where the Stourbridge Club is located in the Midlands.  President Austin then read a letter of friendship he received from Stourbridge Secretary Fred Shaw and Sturbridge sent a letter of friendship to Stourbridge President Martyn Hall.  Both Clubs also exchange formal greetings from respective town leaders honoring the long-standing relationship between the two Clubs.  This exchange is an honored tradition.

Stourbridge Proclamation 2015Sturbridge Proclamation 2015