RYLA Students Revisit Our Club

The three area sophomore students who represented our Club at the Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) program were invited to return to our meeting this week to share their experiences with us.  Unfortunately the student from Shepherd Hill could not attend our meeting.  About 200 teens from different schools and towns met for the first time at RYLA and quickly learned to work and have fun together.  The entire 3-days were filled with workshops of presenting problems, possibilities and obstacles. It was obvious that the students had an incredible time.  They are looking forward to being at the function next year as volunteers to help the new teams.  The two students from Tantasqua are shown below.  Left to right is Karen Rothweiler with her son Justin and Jason with his father, Bill DeForge.

Karin & Justin Rothweiler, Jason & Bill DeForge 9-29-2014