Recovery Services at Harrington Hospital

Christina Beesley, Director of Recovery Services at Harrington Hospital, presented the huge problem of Opioid Abuse in the Southbridge / Sturbridge area. She started by noting that Opiate overdose is the # 1 cause of accidental death in Massachusetts and Harrington Recovery Services is battling this through education, treatment and therapy. This past year over 1,000 patients utilized these Recovery Services at Harrington. Christina also discussed the use of NARCAN in an opioid overdose.

Ms. Beesley reviewed Spectrum Health Systems in Westborough and how Harrington Recovery Services utilizes those services. Christina closed her presentation by reviewing couples and family services for families whose family member has an Opioid Abuse situation. This resulted in lots of questions.

President Dave presents a Sturbridge Rotary mug to Christina.

Christina Beesley2 - Harrington 3-19-2018