Recognizing a Rotary Service Hero

District Governor Karin Gaffney, Assistant Governor Tony Gasbarro, and incoming Assistant Governor Lynn Duffy-O’Shea attended our meeting to honor Lorraine Herbert with recognition as a Rotary Service Hero 2018.  Lorraine has been a member of Rotary since 1992 and is a Paul Harris Fellow multiple times supporting the Rotary Foundation, and has been the Club’s treasurer for 15 years.  She willfully volunteers to work on projects, serves on committees that set Club direction and is an inspiration for her “can do” attitude.  DG Karin presented Lorraine with a tee shirt sporting the Service Hero insignia.  In keeping with this year’s Rotary motto of “Making a Difference” and next year’s motto of “Be the Inspiration”, DG Gaffney has been recognizing those individuals in the District who have exemplified the true meaning of both mottos.  Congratulations Lorraine!

Lorraine Service Hero Award 2018, DG - Apr 2

Lorraine Service Award t-shirt - Apr 2, 2018