Local Scholarships

Since 1973, one year after its charter, the Sturbridge Rotary Club has given scholarships to local graduating high school seniors.  Cumulatively, the amount of scholarships given is nearly $195,000.  Our first scholarship was for $500 awarded to one student.  This amount increased periodically.  Currently we are awarding $6,000 per year for scholarships benefiting up to six students.

Our Club members rejoice in the youth of our country; indeed in the youth of the world.  We have found time after time a wealth of knowledge, kindness, and passion, in students wanting to do the right thing, to make a positive difference, and a desire to make this a better planet on which to live, work, and raise a family.

That requires our Club to constantly raise funds, not just for these scholarships, but also for the many other projects the Club members undertake. Of that $6,000, we give several gifts in the amounts of $500 to $2,000, depending on how we score our applicants.  There are many items taken into consideration: need, motivation, responsibility, community participation, work history, family support or lack of, and of course, grades.

The Scholarship Committee consists of three Rotarians thereby requiring each applicant to submit three completed applications.  Annually, we receive approximately 50 applications, then read and review all that are complete.  We reject those that are woefully incomplete.  After several readings and discussion, the committee decides who the scholarship recipients will be.

The scholarships are awarded on Class Day with instructions that we must receive a transcript of the scholarship recipient’s first college semester grades prior to sending the checks.  Each check is made out directly to the student and mailed forthwith, provided the student has achieved at least a 3.0 grade.  The money can to put towards books, housing, or any other need; there are no restrictions.  We trust our recipients to make intelligent decisions.

Soon after high school graduation, scholarship recipients are invited to be our guests at a Barbeque Dinner at the Publick House Inn where our Club meets.  This is a fun event at which Club members get to meet and hear about the students’ plans and career aspirations.



1. The following must accompany the SRC SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION – Rev 4-10-2017

a. The FULLY completed Application Form, including address, phone numbers and e-mail address.

b. A copy of your 4-year high school transcript, with class rank.

c. Two Letters of Recommendation.

d. College acceptance letter(s), if you have been accepted.

e. A personal essay of what you wish to accomplish and what has motivated you.

2. The terms of this Scholarship require that qualified applicants:

a. Submit the first semester college transcripts to the Sturbridge Rotary Club Scholarship Chair, P.O. Box 357, Sturbridge, MA  01566.

b. Achieve at least a 3.0 average grade during that semester.

The scholarship amount will be paid directly to the applicant upon satisfactory compliance with these conditions.

Sturbridge Rotary Club Scholarship Chair, David Zonia, can be contacted at dmzonia@gmail.com & (508) 335-4550.