Dictionary Project

A student’s collection of books would be incomplete without a dictionary.

The introduction of computer technology in the classroom introduced the student to the spelling and grammar check.  While this activity is very helpful in locating misspelled words, it fails in the usage of selecting correctly spelled words for specific situations.  The dictionary comes to the rescue in providing the meaning of words.  It is also useful in providing instructional activities in learning the alphabetizing and syllabication of words.

Since the Spring of 2008, the Rotary Club of Sturbridge has donated approximately 2,904 Webster’s Dictionary for Students to third grade students in the five area schools.  This Special Encyclopedic Edition included the following special features for elementary students:

  1. The Ten General Spelling Rules
  2. Words Frequently Misspelled
  3. World Maps
  4. Important Information of the World and the United States

Each dictionary and children’s book distributed to the five local elementary schools is attached with the Rotary Four-Way Test Sticker inside the cover of the book to provide a space to record the student’s name the date.

We thought you’d enjoy reading some of the many thank you notes we received in 2015 from the third graders.  

  • Thank you note for dictionaries given to 3rd graders.


Dictionary Label