Literacy Project

Reading is an important skill in the development of our school-age students from an early age through graduate school and for life.  Proficiency in this basic skill is a necessary requirement for the other school related subjects and throughout life.  We use this skill in collecting information as well as reading for enjoyment.

The Rotary Club of Sturbridge has made a commitment to provide reading materials and hands-on games and manipulative items to our local five elementary schools of Brimfield, Brookfield, Holland, Sturbridge, and Wales and adult shelters.

A few of our projects have included the following activities:

  1. Collecting and distributing copies of Classical Children’s Literature to enhance and enrich the literacy of outstanding classical reading materials.
  2. Collecting and distributing magazines and children’s books to community shelters to provide resident adults and children with reading materials to enhance their literacy and awareness of current topics of interest.
  3. Proving a children’s version of National Geographic to the five elementary schools to enhance the availability of current reading materials in science and social studies suitable for their reading level of understandings of worldwide topics and events.
  4. Donate copies of soft and hard covered books to the schools to be given to the students to enrich and enhance the availability of reading materials of popular children authors.
  5. Provide the five elementary schools with new books from publishers to assemble summer reading packets for children in low and disadvantaged areas to encourage reading books during the summer vacation to maintain their grade level reading comprehension and interest in reading.