Venezuela: Medical Supplies for Indigenous Hospital

El Tigre (D-4370, Venezuela)-Sturbridge (D-7910, USA)

In 1987, President-Elect of the Caracas Rotary Club, Manuel Miranda (also an Honorary Member of the Sturbridge Club), extended an invitation to the Sturbridge Club to have a Youth Exchange.

In 1988, The Sturbridge Club sent a Tantasqua Sr. High School sophomore boy and girl to Venezuela for three weeks during the summer vacation, hosted in the homes of Caracas Rotarians.  Directly after, similar children from those homes visited the Sturbridge homes for three weeks.

In 1992, President Fred Laeuter hand carried medicines to the El Tigre Rotary Club in Venezuela; our second twin-club.  The medicines went to a Rotary hospital serving the indigenous Indians that were not getting medical attention, by comparison with workers in the oil-fields who got treatment paid for by the oil companies.

In 1994, the Sturbridge Club collected medicines, a full dental office and air-conditioners, and sent them via container to Venezuela.  Manual Miranda cleared all of the red tape for this shipment.  However, there was a large transportation cost to our Club.  The then President Fred Leuter flew to Venezuela to witness the arrival of the container.