Loss of an International Friend

Our Club was saddened recently to learn of the passing of Brian Edwards, one of the original Intrepid Five members from the Stourbridge Rotary Club in Stourbridge, England.  Five Stourbridge Rotarians came to stay with members of the Sturbridge Rotary Club in 1988 to help us celebrate the 250th Anniversary of the town of Sturbridge.

Please see the float photo below where the only female in the photo served on the Sturbridge Anniversary Committee and whose husband is a Sturbridge Rotary Club member.

The visit was also the start of the two Clubs’ “Twinning” which has endured for 33 years where the Clubs have visited with each other nine times.  Sturbridge Rotary is currently planning to visit Stourbridge Rotary in May of 2022 for another joint celebration.  Stourbridge Rotary will celebrate 100 years of charter and Sturbridge Rotary will celebrate 50 years of charter as both Clubs continue to strengthen our international friendships.

1988 - Stourbridge Gang of Five

Brian Edwards is on the far left.

1988, May 22, Rotarians in 250th Parade

Brian is 3rd from right.