Learning About Current Town Projects and Initiatives

Kevin Filchak spoke with us for the second time bringing us up to date on what the Town of Sturbridge is currently working on.  Kevin serves as the Town’s Economic Development & Tourism Coordinator.  In his role, Kevin hosts a number of meetings to get in touch with businesses and the citizens to learn what they’d like to see happen in Sturbridge.  Committees are formed on different topics that work to improve the town.  A Sturbridge Business Breakfast, Business Classes, Business Advocacy Group, Develop the Route 15 Corridor committee are just a few activities taking place.  It was learned from the Special Events committee that we need new and more events.  This committee recently implemented a Farmers Market starting June 24 to September 30 on the Common and the Rick Hoyt Half Marathon is scheduled for September 9th.  Adult use marijuana and makerspace are still being discussed.  Kevin does a great job in keeping everyone informed on what’s happening.  He creates a monthly Business Newsletter and a monthly Event Newsletter.  Both of these can be found on the town website at www.town.sturbridge.ma.us/businesses/news/may-business-newsletter and www.town.sturbridge.ma.us/visitors/news/may-event-newsletter.  If you’d like to get involved in your favorite topic, please contact him at kfilchak@town.sturbridge.ma.us

Kevin Filchak - Apr 30, 2018


Kevin Filchak, Austin - Apr 30, 2018

Kevin receives a Rotary mug from President-Elect Austin.