Helping Puerto Rico

We had a very enlightening meeting thanks to a visit from Steve Jones D’Agostino of the Nashoba Rotary Club.  Steve is one of the Rotary representatives from District 7910 to visit Moca, Puerto Rico to view the devastation after Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico on September 20.  Steve is helping the District seek donations for the Hurricane Relief Drive.  He spoke about the depressing living conditions, especially without having power or water, and for many, loss of their housing, furnishings and supplies.  While FEMA and the military are helping, it will be many, many years before Moca and four other areas that were severely damaged, return to normal.  And normal for these people wasn’t much even before the hurricane.  Rotary is doing what it can to help the people of Moca and donations of any amount will certainly help.

Moca, Puerto Rico - Feb 26, 2018

Shelter Restoration - Moca PR - Feb 26, 2018

Steve Jones-D'Agostino2 - Feb 26, 2018

Steve Jones-D'Agostino - Feb 26, 2018