Everything You Need to Know About a Home Inspection

There’s a lot involved prior to buying your ‘dream home’.  Robert Andrade, a Certified Home Inspector with Pillar To Post Professional Home Inspections, shared a great deal of valuable information with us, much of which we didn’t know.  For those who have owned their home a long time, many new safeguards have been put in place to help the potential home buyer (or seller) know what he’s buying (or selling) and not get surprises once it’s too late.  Massachusetts has many more inspection requirements than our neighboring states.  Electrical, water damage, termites, ants, building rot, unstable foundations, radon, furnace, damaged or worn out roof, – just to name a few issues covered by Robert’s credentials.  More sophisticated equipment is used now during inspections such as infrared cameras and drones.  While it may cost you to have an inspection, it’s money well spent.

Robert Andrade, Home Insp. - Apr 23, 2018