Club President-Elect Austin survives NEPETS

The annual training of Club Presidents and Assistant Governors for eight Rotary Districts happened last week at the Sheraton hotel in Framingham MA.  More than 600 attendees were there for three days receiving the latest Rotary news, materials and training.

Highlights were the keynote addresses were given by 2015-2016 RI President K.R. “Ravi” Ravindran, Rotary Foundation Vice-Chair Mike McGovern and our Rotary Zone 32 Director Julia Phelps.

The event was VERY well organized by the eight incoming District Governors, including our own DGE Jim Fusco.   NEPETS is always exciting, even electric, as attendees including our Pres-Elect Austin moved from plenary session to breakout sessions, to District-specific rooms for District Committee introductions and updates.

Happily, there was also a little downtime to visit the vendor booths offering Rotary paraphernalia, the Rotary-related table displays, DGE Jim’s reception, and the bar.  I am able to report that Austin’s military training served him well, so he survived the ordeal and represented our club in style.

Meanwhile, Klaus snuck in and accosted attendees as they passed the Rotary Alumni Association of Greater New England (RAAGNE) display, telling of the need for Rotarians to help find our alumni, as well as engage them in their Rotary projects.  He and DGE Jim are seen during one of the finer moments of the event.