CFC Garden Gets Fresh Soil

Tantasqua students helped out again this morning. This time, the girls lacrosse team, several members of the boys lacrosse team, coaches, several parents and CFC members worked to fill 24 garden bed frames with fresh loam. They worked hard, laughed, joked around, ate snacks and still managed to finish this giant task in only 90 minutes. Incredible! Tons of thanks go out to these students for helping to give the new Community Food Collaborative garden a kickstart. Besides the Tantasqua carpentry students building all the frames and the lacrosse students filling them up, the CFC is so lucky and appreciative to have their support.

25 yds waiting - TRHS - 4-21-2018

Filling wheelbarrows - TRHS larosse - 4-21-2018

Spreading loam - TRHS lacrosse - 4-21-2018

Dumping1- TRHS Lacrosse - 4-21-2018

Posed Lacrosse TRHS students - 4-21-2018