Helping to Alleviate Hunger in our Communities

It was an emotional evening as we heard stories of need in our local community.  Lisa Meunier, a nurse at Burgess Elementary School, tries to help families of Burgess kids who are having difficult times in their lives.  Not only does she help with food but also finding housing, furnishings, and supplies.  We provided funds to help Lisa with her humanitarian efforts, also donated to the Tri-Community Church Collaborative (TCCC) to provide turkey dinners to the local needy, and donated to the Saint John Paul II Food Pantry.  The Food Pantry is currently coordinating Lisa’s efforts and those of the TCCC, as well as helping other local people in need.  The need for food continues to escalate each year.  One of Sturbridge Rotary’s goals is to help alleviate hunger in our local communities and so far in 2016, Rotary has contributed $4,100 toward this goal.

(L to R) President-Elect Dave Zonia; President Otto Prohaska; Lisa Meunier, Burgess School nurse; Bill Pioppi representing the Food Pantry; Community Service Chair Bob White and Fundraising Chair Peter Zeh.

(L to R) President-Elect Dave Zonia; President Otto Prohaska; Lisa Meunier, Burgess School nurse; Bill Pioppi representing the Food Pantry; Community Service Chair Bob White and Fundraising Chair Peter Zeh.



Club President-Elect Austin survives NEPETS

The annual training of Club Presidents and Assistant Governors for eight Rotary Districts happened last week at the Sheraton hotel in Framingham MA.  More than 600 attendees were there for three days receiving the latest Rotary news, materials and training.

Highlights were the keynote addresses were given by 2015-2016 RI President K.R. “Ravi” Ravindran, Rotary Foundation Vice-Chair Mike McGovern and our Rotary Zone 32 Director Julia Phelps.

The event was VERY well organized by the eight incoming District Governors, including our own DGE Jim Fusco.   NEPETS is always exciting, even electric, as attendees including our Pres-Elect Austin moved from plenary session to breakout sessions, to District-specific rooms for District Committee introductions and updates.

Happily, there was also a little downtime to visit the vendor booths offering Rotary paraphernalia, the Rotary-related table displays, DGE Jim’s reception, and the bar.  I am able to report that Austin’s military training served him well, so he survived the ordeal and represented our club in style.

Meanwhile, Klaus snuck in and accosted attendees as they passed the Rotary Alumni Association of Greater New England (RAAGNE) display, telling of the need for Rotarians to help find our alumni, as well as engage them in their Rotary projects.  He and DGE Jim are seen during one of the finer moments of the event.


Rotary Hosts Author

David Ostrowsky attended a recent meeting to talk about his first book published by Mill City Publishing.  David’s book, “Game Over or Game On?” tells how pro athletes leave sports and enjoy the game of life.  Many athletes in their 30’s find themselves with incomplete or little education but with a need to do something and not just retire from life.  The stigma of pro athletes struggling financially and emotionally that we read about is not always applicable.  The book focuses on the stories of athletes who have leveraged their resources, money, fame, and time for having a positive influence in their respective endeavors.  David has worked for the MetroWest Daily News, the Jewish Advocate, and Patriots Gameday Magazine.  A graduate of Brandeis University, David and his wife, Lauren, live in Natick, MA.

David Ostrowsky - author June 16, 2014

Sturbridge Rotary Donates $3,000 to Help Feed the Hungry

Sturbridge Rotary recently hosted a fundraising dinner dance at Cohasse Country Club.  If you weren’t there, you missed a great time!  Lots of food, a raffle, and dancing made for a full evening of positive energy and downright FUN.  The proceeds of the event were presented to Father Peter Joyce from the St. John Paul II Food Pantry of Southbridge.  The Pantry services families in Southbridge and Sturbridge.  Father Peter thanked Sturbridge Rotary and reviewed the impact the donation will have on the families served.  Father Peter is shown accepting the $3,000 check from President Larry and President-Elect Austin, chairman of the event.

  • Sturbridge Rotary Club donates $3,000 to local Food Pantry


Visioning Action Plan Committees

Chair: Austin Jenkins

Committee                    Chair                                    Committee Members

Membership                Bill Lemke                   Austin Jenkins, Otto Prohaska, Pauline White

Public Image/PR         Tony Marini                 Pauline White, Bev Gray, Dick Vaughan

Fundraising                 Austin Jenkins             Andrea Rowe, Katrina Zimkiewicz, Jane                                                                                           Woodworth, Peter Zeh

Youth                           Dorothy Wright            Klaus Hachfeld, Otto Prohaska, Larry                                                                                                Mandell

Senior Outreach          Bob White                   Phil Carlson, Katrina Zimkiewicz, Andrea                                                                                          Rowe

Foundation                  Carl Kaliszewski          Lorraine Herbert, Larry Mandell


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