Meetings & Speakers

February 26:

Steve Jones D’Agostino will discuss the Puerto Rico Hurricane relief Program, Moca.

March 12:

Fire Chief John Grasso will give us an update on the Fire Department.

March 19: 

Christina Beesley, Director of Recovery Services at Harrington Health Care.

March 26: 

MA State Senator Anne Gobi will speak about MA government plans for our area.

April 23:

Robert Andrade will speak about Home Inspections.

May 14:

Jim Donahue, OSV President, will speak about OSV programs and possible collaborations.

May 21:

Carl Kaliszewski will speak about the impact of the Rotary Foundation.

June 11:

Dr. Hemant Magoo from Harrington Health Care will speak about “Hypertension – Importance of Diagnosis and Control.”

June 18:

Dr. Manolian, a Podiatrist from Harrington Health Care.

June 22-24:  RYLA training at Fitchburg State University.

June 23-27:  RI Convention in Toronto.