Making Protective Shields for Local Schools

A group of Brookfield Rotary Club members joined our Sturbridge Rotary Club gang to make 25 shields for protection of Burgess Elementary School students for when they need to be in close consultation with teachers and staff at the school.
We also had the Burgess school nurse, Lisa and her husband work with us. Lisa is the gem who has been conscientiously working with our Club on Burgess projects. Lisa is the Lead Nurse for all of Union 61 schools in our area, with her office at Burgess.
Delivery date to Burgess will be set as soon as gift labels have been made and attached to the screens – sometime this week.
We will be returning the compliment at the Brookfield Rotary Club next Saturday, helping them make their shields for the schools they are assisting. Thanks to Mark of the Brookfield Club for the design of these shields.
What a great multi-club project!
9 - 19 - 2020 - Protective Shields for Burgess1
9 - 19 - 2020 - Protective Shields for Burgess2
9 - 19 - 2020 - Protective Shields for Burgess3
9 - 19 - 2020 - Protective Shields for Burgess4
9 - 19 - 2020 - Protective Shields for Burgess5
9 - 19 - 2020 - Protective Shields for Burgess6

Sturbridge Rotary Awards Eight Scholarships in 2020

The Sturbridge Rotary Club has been awarding scholarships each year to local students for the past 47 years.  The first scholarship was for $500 and the amount awarded has steadily increased over the years.  This year Sturbridge Rotary awarded scholarships of $1,000 each to six students from Tantasqua Regional High School.  Cumulatively, Rotary is proud to have awarded over $214,000 in local scholarships.

This year’s recipients of Sturbridge Rotary Scholarships are Jennifer Collins, Olivia George, Jordan Lapierre, Erin Shae McCarthy, Brian Daniel Riel and Leia Krans.  Leia Krans also received the $500 “Wendall Wright Memorial Award”.  Wendall was an educator and long-time supporter of Rotary.

Additionally, a one-time $3,000 “Phil Carlson Memorial Award” was received by Arianna Renee Taft.  Phil was a 50-year member of Rotary and served as Scholarship Chairman for many years.

These students will receive their funding upon completion of their first semester. Congratulations to all the recipients!

2020 TRHS Scholarship Recipients