Everything You Need to Know About a Home Inspection

There’s a lot involved prior to buying your ‘dream home’.  Robert Andrade, a Certified Home Inspector with Pillar To Post Professional Home Inspections, shared a great deal of valuable information with us, much of which we didn’t know.  For those who have owned their home a long time, many new safeguards have been put in place to help the potential home buyer (or seller) know what he’s buying (or selling) and not get surprises once it’s too late.  Massachusetts has many more inspection requirements than our neighboring states.  Electrical, water damage, termites, ants, building rot, unstable foundations, radon, furnace, damaged or worn out roof, – just to name a few issues covered by Robert’s credentials.  More sophisticated equipment is used now during inspections such as infrared cameras and drones.  While it may cost you to have an inspection, it’s money well spent.

Robert Andrade, Home Insp. - Apr 23, 2018

Publicity About Our Sister Club

This excerpt is a weekly email blast from The Citizen Chronicle listing the 5 top stories of the week and a “Did You Know” fact.  Below is the “fact” in the blast of April 22, 2018.

This report is not totally accurate, but close. The cities of Stourbridge and Sturbridge are not sister cities, however, the two Rotary Clubs in these cities are Sister Clubs. We have been twinned with the Stourbridge Rotary Club since 1988 and the clubs have visited each other nine times over the years and continue to exchange their Club Bulletins each month. It’s their turn to visit us and we are hoping it will be this year!

Citizen Chronicle re Sister Club - 4-22-2018

CFC Garden Gets Fresh Soil

Tantasqua students helped out again this morning. This time, the girls lacrosse team, several members of the boys lacrosse team, coaches, several parents and CFC members worked to fill 24 garden bed frames with fresh loam. They worked hard, laughed, joked around, ate snacks and still managed to finish this giant task in only 90 minutes. Incredible! Tons of thanks go out to these students for helping to give the new Community Food Collaborative garden a kickstart. Besides the Tantasqua carpentry students building all the frames and the lacrosse students filling them up, the CFC is so lucky and appreciative to have their support.

25 yds waiting - TRHS - 4-21-2018

Filling wheelbarrows - TRHS larosse - 4-21-2018

Spreading loam - TRHS lacrosse - 4-21-2018

Dumping1- TRHS Lacrosse - 4-21-2018

Posed Lacrosse TRHS students - 4-21-2018

Community Food Collaborative Gets New Garden Planting Beds

Thank you to the Tantasqua Carpentry Students for building our garden planters. They look amazing.  The students worked through the cold, rain and snow to have the planters built and installed before the kickoff party. They went the extra mile in setting them up level and spaced out exactly as planned. This is a great group and they deserve all the credit in the world. 

TRHS carpentry - April 14, 2018

Fellowship at Stageloft

A great fellowship event at Stageloft Theatre was held to see the comedy musical “Pete ‘n Keely”.  Prior to the event, 16 Rotarians, spouses and guests attended a social gathering at the home of a member.  A fun evening for all who attended!

Pete n Keely at Stageloft - Apr 14, 2018

CFC Garden Hosts Volunteer Kickoff Reception

A Volunteer Kickoff Reception was held at the Sturbridge Federated Church.  About 40 people attended and watched a PowerPoint presentation running in the background.  After talking with the attendees about our plans for the garden, Len spoke about the JP II Food Pantry and the need for fresh vegetables.  All were then invited to walk over to the garden where they could see the garden site.

Open House Food, attendees 4-11-2018

Open House Len, Joe 4-11-2018

Open House Small group in garden 4-11-2018

Dr. Gani Abazi and Kosovo

Dr. Gani Abazi visited the Club and gave us a broad overview of his life, his education and his growth into a key figure in the Kosovo recovery.  In 2012 the Rotary Foundation awarded the Sturbridge Club a $35,000 grant to equip the Plastic Surgery Department of the University Clinical Center of Kosovo (UCCK) with surgical instruments to perform delicate reconstructive hand surgery.  UCCK is a teaching hospital in Prishtina, the capital city of Kosovo, which serves the entire country of 2 million people.   It is generally recognized that Kosovo is the poorest country in Europe, so there is much need for support by other countries.

Gani, a previous recipient of the Rotary Foundation’s Ambassadorial Scholarship and native of Kosovo, planned with the Prishtina-Dardania and Sturbridge Rotary Clubs, a project that would deliver both manual and powered surgical tools to UCCK.  The project expanded to eventually include seven Rotary clubs in four countries.

Gani stressed Klaus’ key contributions to his growth and how influential Klaus’ efforts were not only with the Kosovo Project but also in his career.  The Sturbridge Club is now in phase II of the Kosovo Project which is estimated to take two years to complete.  Gani and Klaus continue to be driving forces in this project.

Dr. Gani Abazi - Kosovo - Klaus - Apr 9, 2018

Recognizing a Rotary Service Hero

District Governor Karin Gaffney, Assistant Governor Tony Gasbarro, and incoming Assistant Governor Lynn Duffy-O’Shea attended our meeting to honor Lorraine Herbert with recognition as a Rotary Service Hero 2018.  Lorraine has been a member of Rotary since 1992 and is a Paul Harris Fellow multiple times supporting the Rotary Foundation, and has been the Club’s treasurer for 15 years.  She willfully volunteers to work on projects, serves on committees that set Club direction and is an inspiration for her “can do” attitude.  DG Karin presented Lorraine with a tee shirt sporting the Service Hero insignia.  In keeping with this year’s Rotary motto of “Making a Difference” and next year’s motto of “Be the Inspiration”, DG Gaffney has been recognizing those individuals in the District who have exemplified the true meaning of both mottos.  Congratulations Lorraine!

Lorraine Service Hero Award 2018, DG - Apr 2

Lorraine Service Award t-shirt - Apr 2, 2018

Senator Gobi Shares Projects

MA State Senator Anne Gobi attended the meeting to give a broad overview of the tasks on which she is currently working.  She also discussed the issues being worked on by State and local governments such as education, health, transportation as well as farming.  She encouraged us to keep current on all issues and to contact her with our thoughts and suggestions.  Feedback from her constituents is very important in helping her cast her votes.

Sen. Gobi, Dave - Mar 26, 2018



Returning to RYLA

Andrew Houle from Tantasqua spoke with us briefly about his experience while attending RYLA last year.  The Club had sponsored Andrew’s attendance at the three-day leadership event.  This year Andrew is returning to RYLA in June.  After being selected by the District RYLA Committee, Andrew will be volunteering as a Group Facilitator.

RYLA Andrew Houle - Mar 26, 2018