Camp Frank A. Day Seeks Local Residential Campers

Zac Broomfield, Director of Camp Frank A. Day in East Brookfield brought us up-to-date on their initiative to increase local attendance in their co-ed residential camp which serves 7-16 year olds.  Camp Frank A. Day is owned and managed by the West Suburban YMCA in Newton, MA.  The Camp operates for seven weeks in July and August typically for multiple 2-week sessions.  They offer a wide variety of elective classes, including athletics, enrichment, and waterfront activities.  Rotary gave Camp Frank A. Day a donation to defray the costs for a local youngster to attend the residential camp.  Learn more about the camp and the programs offered at

Zac Broomfield from Camp Frank A. Day.

Zac Broomfield from Camp Frank A. Day.

L to R:  Zac Broomfield, President Otto, Rotarian Scott Peckins from Camp Day.

L to R: Zac Broomfield, President Otto, Rotarian Scott Peckins from Camp Day.

Update from DG Pat Doyle

Co-District Governor Pat Doyle visited our meeting recently to share what’s going on in the District.  Communication is vital to the success of Rotary, not only at the club level but the District level as well.  As such, DG Pat provided us with the exciting details of what’s taking place at the Multi-District Conference in Providence on April 28-30.  One of the highlights of the weekend is the keynote address at the Friday dinner by Rotary International President John Germ.  A collection of handouts was distributed to keep us informed of each event plus the District Gala on May 25th at Mechanics Hall.  Be sure to register now for the events!

DG Pat Doyle 3-6-2017


ADG Cliff Gerber Provides District Update

Assistant District Governor Cliff Gerber addressed the membership providing details on upcoming events in the District such as the Multi-District Conference in Providence on April 28-30, the “Women in Rotary Sponsorship Opportunities”, and the Foundation Centennial Celebration – Million Dollar Gala on May 25 at Mechanics Hall.  He concluded by reviewing District Governor-Elect Karin Gaffney’s goals for 2017-2018 and her theme, “Making A Difference”.  Lots going on that we should be aware of and in which we should participate.

ADG Cliff Gerber Feb 6, 2017

Rotary Joins Lions in Concert Sponsorship

Rotary has once again joined forces with our good friends in the Sturbridge Lions Club to sponsor an event being held on Sturbridge Common on Thursday, July 20th.  Lions Club President Bob Meunier (center) and Lions Club member Bob Briere (right) attended a recent meeting to provide details on the joint sponsorship.  The event, free to the public, is a concert by The Abletones, an 18-piece Big Band specializing in swing music of the 1930s and 40s.  The Abletones sport a vintage look with matching tuxedos, vests and ties, and use period equipment such as 1930s era mutes and stands.  It’s a concert you won’t want to miss.  Bring the whole family, friends and neighbors.  If your feet start tapping, get up and dance!

Lions Briere & Meunier 2-27-2017

Why Join Rotary?

We had a very direct and sincere presentation by President-Elect David Zonia recently.  Dave shared his thoughts and emotions on the many benefits of membership in Rotary.  Some of his poignant topics included friendship; fellowship; leadership; prestige;  development, practice and promotion of ethical standards; fun; communication skills through public speaking; as well as the self-satisfaction of helping our communities and those in need throughout the world.  The evening was a great reminder to all of us.

Mbr. Dave Zonia - Jan 23, 2017