District Membership Goal

Dr. Satya Mitra, Chairman of District 7910 Membership Committee, updated the Club members on the membership situation in the District.  The goal is to increase the District membership by 100 new members by June 30, 2016.  Sturbridge has two more new members to go in order to help in the District goal and to assist with our Club goal.

Satya Mitra Feb 22, 2016 (2)

Starlite Gallery

Demetri Kasperson is the founder and manager of the Starlite Gallery on 39 Hamilton Street in Southbridge.  He shared with us the Gallery’s plans to bring contemporary art to the area and the value and significance of the interaction between art and society.  The Gallery and bar are open every night with Jazz Night every Thursday.  The venue works nicely with the art shows that the Gallery hosts.

Demetri Kasperson - Feb 1, 2016

WesTech Educates Us About Water

David Lucey from WesTech gave a presentation on water, namely its availability, quality, and purification.  WesTech supplies municipal water treatment plants throughout the world.  Dave showed some of the multiple products they make and the systems they design based upon what needs are to purify and improve water in specific areas in the world.

Dave Lucey - Jan 25, 2016