The Gates Institute


Adriana Sanchez (L) and Leslie Sullivan (R)

Adriana Sanchez (L) and Leslie Sullivan (R)

Leslie Sullivan, Business Development Manager and Adriana Sanchez, Director of International Operations from the Gates Institute spoke at a recent Rotary meeting.  Gates Institute provides academic tourism.  They take students and professionals abroad for hands-on learning experiences in subjects like International Operations and Business Management.  Each itinerary and program is designed specifically for the client relevant to the students’ education and the professionals’ career.  Several of their trips have included Brazil, Puerto Rico, and Poland.  College credits are earned by the participant.  Several colleges including Nichols College in Dudley are participating.  A very interesting and informative presentation.

Tulips in the Park

The tulips are starting to bloom.  Other plants are budding but they need a little more sun and warmth to pop out.  Spring seems to be springing!


Rotary Baseball Challenge from the past

A tradition was started in 1977 whereby on an annual basis Southbridge and Sturbridge Rotary Clubs would challenge each other in baseball.  A trophy was purchased with ample room to list the date and team that won each year.  The trophy was then held by the winning team until the teams played the following year.  The games were played in different locations and a BBQ was held following each game.  This tradition carried forward for twenty-two consecutive years.  From what we hear, Bengay and heating pads were two items frequently used after each of the games.  When the last game was played in 1998, Sturbridge had won seven games and Southbridge had won fifteen.  Sturbridge may not have had a strong baseball team but they were strong in spirit.