The Maze of Home Mortgages

Chad Moore, AVP, from TD Bank is a lender and Product Relationship Manager.  Chad is a certified TDU Instructor and has been involved in mortgage sales for 15 years.  He discussed TD Bank’s various home mortgage programs and the process of applying.  The bank established a process to assist and advise customers on the importance of pre-qualification so as not to over reach on a home versus what they qualify for.  Chad also educated us on the different types of mortgages such as USDA, FHA and VA, fixed and adjustable mortgages.  An interesting and informative presentation.

Chad Moore - TDBank 3-24-2014

Congratulations on Completion of the Kosovo Project

We are proud to have received a letter from State Representative Todd Smola on the completion of our International Service Project in Kosovo.  We’d like to share Representative Smola’s congratulations with those who gave us significant financial help.  Besides the Sturbridge Club, they include the Rotary Clubs of Stourbridge (UK), Fenerbahce (Turkey), Bedford (USA), Brookfields (USA), Billerica (USA).  In addition, the Bedford Club provided guidance in purchasing dozens of surgical hand instruments at deeply discounted prices for this Rotary project.  And lastly, for the efforts of our own Club member, Austin Jenkins, who coordinated with the Iowa National Guard to deliver three shipments to Kosovo at no cost to the project – a wonderful humanitarian gesture.

Please see the letter.

Open House Scheduled

The members were decked out in green including two giant green hats.  However, because our regularly scheduled St. Patrick’s Day program was cancelled due to a family tragedy of the entertainer, President Larry took the opportunity to have the chairs of three Visioning Committees give their preliminary reports.  Membership is planning an Open House on April 28, Marketing has a plan to enhance our exposure and image; and Senior Outreach is investigating the needs in Sturbridge, Charlton, and Wales.  The remainder of the committees will report at an upcoming meeting.  The meeting was productive and energized.

Literacy Volunteers

Holly Christo, Executive Director of Literacy Volunteers of South Central Massachusetts (LVSCM) spoke at our meeting Monday night.  LVSCM started in the Southbridge area in 1975 providing free tutoring to adults in basic literacy.  The program, located in the Jacob Edwards Library in Southbridge, has greatly expanded over the years serving several surrounding towns.  One-on-one tutoring as well as group classes help students learn to speak, read, and write English.  The number of students, with the roughly 30 countries they represent, has made getting enough tutors a high priority.  Fifty students are currently on the waiting list for one-on-one tutoring.  Visit their website at to see how you can help.

Holly, President Larry (front) Tutors (back L to R) Mark Szajna, Julie Prohaska, Bob White.

Holly, President Larry (front) Tutors (back L to R) Mark Szajna, Julie Prohaska, Bob White.

Club Visioning

Club members recently participated in a session of Club Visioning.  Seven Rotary District representatives conducted the 4-hour program designed to bring a vision of what our members expect our Club to look like in 2017.  The members brainstormed items divided into 12 categories.  The items were then narrowed down further compiling the overall vision the members perceive to be the future goals of the Club.

The summary of the Club’s vision was presented to the membership the following week.  Visioning Action Plan Committees were established to meet and create a Preliminary Action Plan.  The plans from each committee will then be submitted to the Visioning Chair, Austin Jenkins, and to President Larry.

Based upon the amount of participation and enthusiasm at both meetings, we are a Club on the move!