Rotary Visioning

It was great to see our friends again, Past Assistant #189 PictureDistrict Governors Pat and Skip Doyle.  Pat and Skip gave an overview of the new Rotary initiative called “Visioning”.  Each club will be trained by a facilitator to brainstorm, develop and implement new ideas for the future direction of their club.  We look forward to getting started with this initiative at the Sturbridge Club.


Rotary Friendship Day

On or near October 13th each year the Sturbridge Rotary Club and the Stourbridge RotaryTom Creamer-Friendship Day 10-21-2013 Club participate in Friendship Day.  This tradition dates back to 1994 when the governing body of each town set forth this Civic day.  As such we look forward each year to welcoming the Chairman of the Sturbridge Board of Selectmen,Tom Creamer, who officiates at the reading and presentation of a formal proclamation.  The proclamation recognizes October 13th as Stourbridge/Sturbridge Friendship Day.  Likewise, our sister club in Stourbridge participates in the same manner with their proclamation being read by a representative from the Metropolitan Borough of Dudley.

Tom shared his appreciation and respect for the goals of Rotary International and in particular, the goals and accomplishments of the Sturbridge Rotary Club.

Lottery Basket Raffle

Step right up...they're selling fast!

Step right up…they’re selling fast!

Ticket sales were brisk on October 21st during the Harvest Festival on Sturbridge Common and across the street on the front lawn of the Publick House.  Rotary’s table amid the scarecrows was busy with Rotarians selling tickets to win a basket containing $1,000 in lottery tickets.  Two hundred tickets were sold that day.  The proceeds will benefit local scholarships and community projects.  It’s not too late to purchase your ticket!

Lottery tic sales1 Oct 2013

Pawtucket Red Sox

The Vice President of the Pawtucket Red Sox baseball club, Michael Gwynn, was welcomed once again as our featured speaker.  Club members plan a trip to Pawtucket each year to see some current and the up-and-coming players inMichael Gwynn - Paw Sox - 10-21-2013 action.  Mike detailed the trials and tribulations of the players but the goal of each player is the same – becoming a starting member of the Red Sox team.  The youngest player in the World Series for Boston since Babe Ruth is Xander Bogaerts at 21 years old.  Brimming with pride Mike named at least eight or more players from the Pawtucket team who will be playing in the World Series this year in Boston.  GO RED SOX !!!!!!