Visioning Action Plan Committees

Chair: Austin Jenkins

Committee                    Chair                                    Committee Members

Membership                Bill Lemke                   Austin Jenkins, Otto Prohaska, Pauline White

Public Image/PR         Tony Marini                 Pauline White, Bev Gray, Dick Vaughan

Fundraising                 Austin Jenkins             Andrea Rowe, Katrina Zimkiewicz, Jane                                                                                           Woodworth, Peter Zeh

Youth                           Dorothy Wright            Klaus Hachfeld, Otto Prohaska, Larry                                                                                                Mandell

Senior Outreach          Bob White                   Phil Carlson, Katrina Zimkiewicz, Andrea                                                                                          Rowe

Foundation                  Carl Kaliszewski          Lorraine Herbert, Larry Mandell


Rotary Park Clean-Up

Early May, The Rotary Park, at the junction of Cedar Street and Rte. 20W in Sturbridge, will see Sturbridge Rotarians hard at work, cleaning and sprucing it up after the winter. This park has been well received by town residents and deserves a look.
Just take a little time, sit comfortably and relax on the bench, then watch the world go by.